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We also sell the Best Kava in Sacramento, CA!

Retailers will claim their product to be of good quality, but there is only one place that sells it. Elder Creek Market has been selling Kava for the last twenty years and we stand that our product is better than anybody else. Kava is also known as Nangona in Fijian Hindi, and Yagona in Native Fijian. There are two forms of Kava, the root and the stem. The root is known as Waka, and the stem is known as Lawena respectively. Depending on your preference, both are used to sooth and relax your stress away.

Our product is 100% Fijian Kava, the purest form of Kava from the Melanesia Tropics. The South Pacific is known for its Kava, but there are different grades and qualities to each. We promise that our Kava is up to par as one of the best in the world.

Famous people such as President Lyndon Johnson, Queen Elizabeth, and Hilary Rodham Clinton have been honored with a classical bowl of Kava.

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