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Welcome to Elder Creek Market
The Local Grocery Store Serving Southeast Sacramento for Years!

At Elder Creek Market, we try to offer our costumers a little bit of everything that they would need to get trough the day. We carry everything you need to make your day run smoother.


Elder Creek Market has been in business for 25+ years serving busy people like you seven days a week out of seven days. Stop by! It's easy. It's quick. It's convenient.



(916) 381-3832

About Us

Elder Creek Market re-opened in 1987 to serve the community that greatly lacked a local grocery store. 25 years later, the market still runs to this day serving a very diverse neighborhood, all different age groups, and commuters that frequently stop in from Elder Creek Road. The market is currently in the expansion phase to include a one stop shopping center, a certifeed LEED Green Building, and a variety of different mixed uses. Potentially being one of the best mixed projects not only in Sacramento and California, but in the nation and international scenery as well; greatly reducing the need to travel and gas use in these troubling economic times.

Still, despite the goals to expand, we are still the heart and soul of the community and serve every customer with dignity and respect. Customer retention and the value of each customer is something that we have not forgotten over the years and we stay competitive on our pricing. We try to offer the best price for all our goods: treats, household items, sodas & candies, and anything in between.

Hopefully, with all these various ideas in mind, the project will come to life and set a standard for other businesses to follow suit. As the environment and sustainability are key to our future, we hope to create a place that will amplify living standards for the region.

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Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

(916) 381-3832

Hours of Operation
8am - 10pm Monday - Friday
9am - 10pm Saturday & Sunday

7025 Elder Creek Rd  
Sacramento, CA 95824